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By promoting a preventive mindset, DuPont and other foresighted organisations are creating business environments where optimal productivity, high morale and wellness prevail.
President, I can only say that it is a matter of record and it compares somewhat to the foresighted spirit with which you, by every ingenuity known to statecraft, wrested from the American Congress those weapons which are today the Nation's great defense in this crisis.
The prophets themselves, who saw so much, were not foresighted enough to record their demise in their books.
Despite the foresighted principles outlined by Bush and Haykin, it would be almost forty years before the music library community turned its attention to the development of a thesaurus in any systematic fashion.
To any foresighted person, this would be a boon to the area.
For the bold, the iconic example of going where others fear to tread remains that foresighted decision by McDonald's.
TATTERSALLS' most-successful December Foal Sale since the 2007 pre-recession renewal finished in Newmarket last night with a day on which the foresighted racing and breeding buyers dominated top-end trade.
The idea of determining how many homes will be needed in the area, and over what period (26,200 by 2028) is both foresighted and intelligent and is what every local authority should be doing.
Our (South Sudanese) pacification by SPLM/A appears to have affected us to the extent that we have ceased to be foresighted in approaching things.
While Ron Paul's foresighted economic views and his agenda of peace with other nations has won increasing respect within the Republican Party, his libertarian-leaning views have raised eyebrows among some social conservatives.
We can see from the comparison of these three models, NF- NF2- NF3, that the lowest foresighted fault in fore sighting the monthly prose of the egg is when the entrance of the model is equal with the price of one month ego.
While the dire predictions of that time never came to pass, foresighted people who addressed issues like alternate locations, generators, employee phone trees and backups for their existing supply chains may have been grateful for it this year if their region was part of this spring's swath of destruction.