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We need conscious efforts collectively with concrete foresightedness that can be able to feel the pulse of relentless time which is fleeting and waiting for none other than leaving the footprints of the dedicated founders of nations.
I salute the curators for their courage and foresightedness.
The monarch is loved and appreciated by his people because of his wisdom and foresightedness to meet the needs of citizens and take the country's economy to greater heights.
This display of Web-based foresightedness happened a decade after the firm had begun working closely with the major leagues and seven years after it had been hired as what amounted to MLB's chief outside labor-relations counsel.
Khalid Hamad, IIFM Chairman & Executive Director-Banking Supervision, Central Bank of Bahrain, welcomed the Board members and thanked them for their foresightedness and guidance which is instrumental in making IIFM's focus on standardized documentation & products for Islamic Capital & Money Market segment of the industry.
Kautilya Considered Foresightedness as a Critical Requirement for Risk Management: According to Kautilya, the king as well as his advisers should have the 'ability to foresee things'.
True, lots of people are tracking in your direction because they love your foresightedness, but this won't always be automatic.
In noting that Quebec's government prohibited universities in Quebec from accepting federal grants for higher education, Courchene (2008) also implicitly acknowledges Quebec's foresightedness when he credits Quebec's government with not only ending the tax rental system, but also, and importantly, for opposing federal spending power:
Can't we change this situation by our foresightedness, careful planning & execution to make the CBD livable again?
Our founder leader Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Butto's vision and foresightedness identified four decades ago that housing is the basic necessity and raised the slogan of Roti, Kaprha Aur Makan.
Moreover, it highlights the foresightedness of the unheeded warnings Israeli officials conveyed to Washington prior to the Iraq War to focus, not on Iraq, but on the greater threat, Iran.