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Third, according to Kautilya, the most critical role of foresightedness was to foresee and devise preventive and remedial measures way in advance of the possible occurrences of calamities or adversities.
My husband's foresightedness and selflessness paying into pension schemes has ensured that I now have a reasonable standard of living.
33) The correspondence between the Culper Ring and Washington illustrates his temperament (and occasional lack of) (34) as well as his foresightedness in the intelligence arena.
At meetings with government officials and elected policymakers, both foreign and domestic, favorable comments about the association's foresightedness and responsible guidance abounded.
All of this requires trained and motivated people, as well as new ways of thinking and considerable agility and foresightedness on the part of U.
It was particularly easy in the Marsee case because of the foresightedness of U.
Moreover, it highlights the foresightedness of the unheeded warnings Israeli officials conveyed to Washington prior to the Iraq War to focus, not on Iraq, but on the greater threat, Iran.
We applaud SRC, Novellus and the UMC Group for their foresightedness in issuing this design challenge to the university community.
Professor Sehar Ansari said Sir Syed Ahmed Khan brought revolutionary change in the Muslim society with his foresightedness and the ideology based on realism.
The whole nation is behind the civilian and military leadership and this is the time to prove their statesmanship and foresightedness.
His efforts , vision and foresightedness inspired many Muslim leaders and developed political awareness among the Muslims of sub-continent to take a start for prospering future with new zeal and energy, he said.