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But the radars can foretell every five minutes where a gale will move an hour later after studying the velocity and wind direction around 1,000 meters in altitude.
I suggested that the moral, social and physical decay of Barry and, by implication, other communities in South Wales seemed to foretell their eventual death.
Means to foretell whether an upcoming storm season will be particularly dangerous could benefit people who plan responses to large-scale emergencies or who work in the insurance and electrical-utility industries.
Elfin snoozin' means you're held in high regard by others and can 'also foretell help from unexpected sources.
And the monitoring of space debris will become so sophisticated that we will be able to foretell any NEA threat years in advance and deal with it.
CEOs who ran thriving companies were those prescient enough to foretell shifts in the business cycle.
2001), the sentence displays the misuse of auger (a tool for boring holes) for augur (to foretell or prophesy).
It was Hippocrates who said, "Declare the Past, Diagnose the Present, Foretell the Future.
They were thought to be capable of supernatural powers such as the convenient ability to foretell the future and interpret dreams.
Whether those data foretell the future or whether our votes will decrease in 2000 because of our complacency, a few months will tell.
Capacity planning reports that foretell database growth rates.
What we experienced during the conversion process could foretell what other nursing homes will face if they truly commit to subacute care.