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The children we bear and raise exist in their merit the settlements we establish flourish because of them the Torah we learn is theirs the ethical Jewish society we want to build here, as the prophets foretold, is theirs as well.
Is it the end of days as foretold in the Bible or is it a new beginning?
THE miseries who foretold that the wretched English weather would wreak havoc at the Games finally got some long overdue disruption yesterday - though probably not as they'd envisaged.
Nicholas rightly foretold Frank Lampard and Co would beat Liverpool in the FA Cup final.
She adds that the bankruptcy of the oldest private television A1 and the suspense of its frequency reminds of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's roman "Chronicle of a Death Foretold.
The paper "X-ray of a crisis foretold, " details the numbers of the crisis affecting the sector in the following topics: Reduction of sown areas and farms closing; Fall in exports and competitiveness; Decline in Direct Foreign Investment; Lower industry growth trend in the Monthly Economic Activity Index (MIEA)
You may remember that I began writing a book called Chronicle of the Death of A Town Foretold, based loosely on Marquez's Chronicle of a Death Foretold.
THE man suspected of killing seven people in a knifing rampage in Tokyo foretold the mayhem in a series of messages on the internet, including one just before the attack saying, "It's time," police and media reports said today.
CASSANDRA IS REMEMBERED FOR HER GIFT OF PROPHecy, but her skills would not have seemed so impressive were it revealed, say, that she schemed for the destruction of Troy or the murder of Agamemnon even as she foretold their unfortunate ends.
Chikungunya on Reunion Island: chronicle of an epidemic foretold.
THOSE who claim that Enoch Powell's inflammatory "Rivers of Blood" speech foretold the future misread history.
Even though advance intelligence had foretold a major enemy offensive operation was planned, American military units were hard pressed by the sudden attacks by swarms of North Vietnamese and Viet Cong troops.