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Mile after mile Tarzan of the Apes put slowly behind him, borne up by sheer force of will where a lesser man would have lain down to die and rest forever tired muscles whose every move was an agony of effort; but at last his progress became practically mechanical--he staggered on with a dazed mind that reacted numbly to a single urge--on, on, on
It would have been better if we had parted forever then.
I know this belief is hard; it has slipped away from me again and again; but I have felt that if I let it go forever, I should have no light through the darkness of this life.
The love she had renounced came back upon her with a cruel charm; she felt herself opening her arms to receive it once more; and then it seemed to slip away and fade and vanish, leaving only the dying sound of a deep, thrilling voice that said, "Gone, forever gone.
I began to feel that the old Venice of song and story had departed forever.
And to this day there be those in Venice who believe that if those holy ashes were stolen away, the ancient city would vanish like a dream, and its foundations be buried forever in the unremembering sea.
American retail brand Forever 21 will launch the limited-edition Disney Pixar capsule collection.
The Forever Frame was created because my wife (fiance at the time) spent 3 months looking for a picture frame to use in our wedding and all she found were instructions for DIYs.
You were one in a million Jan and you will be forever loved, missed and remembered.
Keep Jordan safe, forever missed, never forgotten, love Deb, Mark, Danny, Danielle and Lewis.
CONDON Michael One year today, always in our thoughts, forever in our hearts.
Pheasants Forever will receive a royalty payment from Browning on every item sold.