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It's an honour for me as an author and for Hema ji also that it is perhaps the first time that an active Prime Minister has written a foreword for a book on a Bollywood actor.
Foreword Reviews, a media company focusing on independently published books, announced the winners of its INDIES Book of the Year Awards today during the American Library Association's Annual Conference in Chicago.
Certainly, the most pressing reason to have a foreword isgetting a big, eye-catching name that might bring in freshreaders, or an important scholarly name that makes it evident that she (or he) finds the work worthwhile.
In his foreword, Mr Francis said the study revealed a general acceptance among trusts that "quality needs to be given much greater priority".
In his foreword, Mr Blunkett said: "I hope readers find something to lift them and to touch them in this short publication.
by Martin Hannan, foreword by Neil Lennon), the other from that of a Rangers' fan (Follow, Follow by Iain Duff, foreword by Lee McCulloch), have been published to celebrate classic Old Firm clashes and RP Sport have been given five copies of each that any supporter of either team would love to get their hands on.
Told and illustrated by Paul Goble; Foreword by Albert White Hat Sr.
Sir David Omand, Whitehall's security coordinator at the time, said Tony Blair's foreword was backed by only patchy intelligence.
Mr Campbell said he drafted Mr Blair's foreword to the dossier, in which he said that intelligence showed "beyond doubt" that Iraq had chemical and biological weapons, although the Prime Minister had "almost certainly" re-written it.
Sir John Scarlett, who was the chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee -the senior UK intelligence body, said he regarded Mr Blair's foreword to the dossier as "quite separate" from the rest of the document.
Foreword of the book is written by Thoraya Ahmed Obaid, Executive Director of UNFPA.
Could I also correct another factual error in your report: Hywel Williams refers to Peter Hain MP writing a foreword to a Welsh Affairs Committee report last year: a Secretary of State for Wales would never be allowed to write such a foreword and certainly did not do so then.