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To be released during the upcoming Pakistan-South Africa series in the UAE, it has a foreword by Kapil Dev.
Dev lauded Bhatia's effort in channelising the revenue from this book for developing cricket around the world in his foreword.
In the foreword to the 1921 edition of the cadenzas for the first and third movements of the Concerto in E-flat Major, K.
In the foreword to The Black Chord: Visions of the Groove Connections Between Afrobeats, Rhythms & Blues, Hip Hop and More by Vivien Goldman and David Corio, Isaac Hayes wrote that he knew that the funky, smoky beats of old school soul and the shout-your-way-into-heaven gospel lick music he heard on movie soundtracks as a child, were all somehow derived from Africa.
One foreword notes that he was principal of a high school in Independence until he was fired for shooting warning shots at youthful pranksters.
In the book's other foreword, Rajmohan Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi's grandson, raises a profound question: `Why does grief trigger in one the emotion of revenge and pity in another?
The Forewords continue a tradition at the Review examining the work of the Court on a term-by-term basis.
Over time, the Forewords have gained a considerable prestige and influence.
The shift in 1956 acknowledges that the Forewords had become the intellectual equivalent of the lead articles.
A second stylistic shift seen in the Forewords is their increasing length.
Such citations may reflect an author's belief that the previous Forewords were significant enough to be considered as authority, and, we suggest, increasingly significant as authorities.
Indeed, the authors begin to treat the Forewords as an institution unto itself.