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During the course of inquiry it was revealed that in the year 1991 Supreme Court on reference of Custom Court had forfeited the property worth millions of rupees in the name of Ayub Afridi, his sons and nephews.
In other cases, an estimated PS18,000 seized from Anthony Tierney, of Felsted Drive, Aintree, was forfeited, while Paul Dillon, of The Old Quarry, Woolton, forfeited a total of PS9,544.
Vehicles can also be forfeited if drivers commit two prescribed offences within 12 months or three within 10 years.
Mr Davies said: "Public sector workers forfeited a day's pay.
That prompted him to say, after the 2-0 quarter-final defeat to the Championship side: "We are in a position where we have forfeited going through in this competition and having the chance to reach a final.
MASS murderers such as Ian Brady have forfeited their right to life, Gregory Campbell said yesterday.
Could not YULA have forfeited its home game and Oakwood, in an act of good faith, sat Levine for its home game?
As part of a plea agreement, Crespin has forfeited $75,398 in drug proceeds.
The ICC were in any case set to discuss the aborted Test - the first in the history of cricket to be forfeited - at their board meeting in Bombay tomorrow.
To do this CPAs must do a grant-by-grant analysis of the tax effects of options granted, modified, settled, forfeited or exercised after the effective date of Statement no.
Only approximately 1% failed to deliver a mortgage loan and forfeited the fee's refundable portion.
3 billion yen, bringing the amount to be forfeited to 9.