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There are two basic paths to revenue sharing: Slowly but surely move team ownership rights into one solitary commissioner's office, or empower teams by removing all restrictions on forfeiting and relocation.
In five comprehensive modules, the workbook examines topics including: Using irrevocable, confirmed and back-to-back letters of credit to best meet the objectives of the buyer and seller; Standby letters of credit and their applications, including how they differ from bank guarantees; How contemporary forfeiting is different from traditional forfeiting including explanations of the role of avail and pre-selling assets; Structural risk mitigation using pre-export finance and the changing role of countertrade; and Techniques for hedging against changes in a commodity's value.
No time for already-qualified wrestlers to start forfeiting matches, and no time for not-yet-qualifiers to take defaults that could better position them for a state berth, as many do.