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Heaven forfend, even some Legal Executives can now represent clients in open court at the lower levels
Anything went and heaven forfend that anyone should put the hems on these masters of the universe as they filled their boots and bamboozled everyone with their fancy dancy derivatives and anything that could be converted into cash.
Is it possible to phone a company, instigate a complaint and have somebody return a call, address your concern, and heaven forfend, maybe even apologise, without the threat of somebody waking up with a horse's head in their bed?
What would happen if ever he took the wrong decision for the pension system, or anything else, heaven forfend.
Heaven forfend but the funeral has also obliged the possible future head of the Church of England to switch the time of his marriage ceremony to fragrant but divorced Camilla, while the Sweet Prince jostles with the anguished throng in the Vatican.
Heaven forfend anyone should imply that all dotcoms are anything other than rock-solid surefire businesses with long and successful futures ahead of them.
Obviously none of them ever thought of themselves as sexual predators - heaven forfend.
Or perhaps if the first concept was adopted, heaven forfend, government policy would eventually be aligned with the true and decent sentiments of the British people.
If I strayed anywhere near a personal opinion, heaven forfend, my boss used to come and hover in the studio like some sort of slightly twitchy Mafia heavy.
Essien was then rightly suspended for the two Barcelona games and Mourinho promptly blames Sky, rather than the erring player - or, heaven forfend, the manager who bought him and failed to rein in his habitual brutality.
Heaven forfend there should be yet another season like the one now coming to a merciful conclusion, withGerard Houllier's under-achieving stars grinding underwhelmingly through match after match in pursuit of what they saw as their ultimate prize .
Heaven forfend that I would suggest Hel's had a recent date with a scalpel.