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Consistent with prior research, participants who forgave others enjoyed greater psychological well-being than those who were less willing to forgive.
She forgave it over three tax years at $10,000 per year, hoping her son-in-law could stay current with the interest payments.
She forgave $20,000 of the purchase price when she sold the property (a tax-free gift), taking back a mortgage of $250,000 * She forgave an additional $20,000 of the mortgage in each of the two years before her death * She paid a monthly rent of $1,800, which coincidentally was approximately equal to the amount paid to her as interest on the mortgage.
Since they were unable to repay the debt, he forgave it for both.
Later, those who forgave their transgressors recalled fewer details of the scenarios.
Well, I forgave the toe-rag who nicked my car stereo.
Not because the person who had wronged me had asked for it or because he'd done something to redeem himself but because Christ forgave me .
The issue before the court on appeal was whether the taxpayers were "insolvent" when the bank forgave SLC's note.