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Data from KOM reveal that $100 and 200 euro notes were the top banknotes forgers picked to counterfeit in Turkey.
Although the area is known for being part of the University Belt, the part of the capital with many tertiary education establishments, it is also the spot where forgers enjoy lucrative business.
In the weeks following his death, Adam's sister, Meghan, and her lover a sometime literary forger who specializes in the handwriting of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle struggle to come to terms with the murder.
Lahore -- Senior Member Board of Revenue Nadeem Ashraf has said that on the instructions of Punjab Chief Minister, electronic stamp paper is being introduced in district Lahore from June 08 for eradication of forger mafia after which its scope will be expanded throughout the province.
He said that forger mafia deserves no sympathy and leniency.
What, then, of all those undetected works forgers such as Wolfgang Beltracchi and the late Eric Hebborn claim to have created?
The two forgers were also blacklisted by various independent OFW organizations in their social media group accounts and victims posted warnings urging other nationals to avoid them.
With drug gangs now aware of the scam, the forgers are said to be passing their bogus Bank of England PS20 notes around the city.
She gets the techniques and the psychology of successful forgers and the pathology of obsessive collectors.
They've taught us the ways in which the handiwork of master forgers can be identified, and also revealed the bitter battles that occur in the seemingly genteel art world as a consequence.
Heyworth plans to compare the signature with that of well-known forgers as well as known Shakespeare signatures such as those on his wills.
THERE was a top-of-the-table clash in the Camp Hill League with leaders Sportsman travelling to second-placed Forgers.