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Jerzy Maciejewski, one of the original Polish forgers, only revealed the truth to his loved ones shortly before his death in 2004, having already disposed of a number of historically valuable documents.
A Pakistani passport forger whose fakes may have been sold to Deash operatives was arrested in Thailand, police said Friday, ending a career that helped people slip into Europe illegally.
Today, we all see how since Shaikh Mazen Al Jarrah was tasked with addressing the issue, forgers are being caught like rats.
Several individuals linked to the forgers and the heads of the group were arrested following the intelligence operation.
Forgers must have a deep, even scholarly, understanding of the author whose handwriting is to be mimicked if they are going to achieve the kind of perfection needed to get their handiwork past eagle-eyed experts.
Smart forgers are likely to employ not only the style of the artist and treatments to simulate age, but also the kinds of pigments employed in the past.
He also urged nationals to contact the consulate should they fall victim to document scammers and forgers.
Readers seeking an engaging novel about artists and art scandals will find The Art Forger rewarding for its skillful balance of brisk plotting, significant emotional depth, and a multi-layered narration rich with a sense of moral conscience.
Using high-tech photography, researchers have reconstructed the signature that may belong either to William Shakespeare or a clever forger.
The result was a surprising 7-0 whitewash in favour of Forgers, inflicting the first defeat of the season on Sportsman.
The forgers who are featured in the London exhibition often provided certificates of authenticity signed by experts to help sell their works, some of which are on display alongside the items themselves.
Chinese forgers, after fooling art collectors worldwide by faking their own country's artifacts, are now trying to break into Japan's hermetic but very lucrative market, a leading expert has warned.