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Therefore, he made them all drink of the Water of Oblivion and forget everything they had known, so that they became as simple and innocent as their King.
You may all go to bed, and I advise you to forget your worries just as completely as if you had drunk of the Water of Oblivion in the Forbidden Fountain.
No, Lawrence, you're wrong there: she is not determined to forget me.
I forget them after I kill them," he replied carelessly.
Jane is now a common grown-up, with a daughter called Margaret; and every spring cleaning time, except when he forgets, Peter comes for Margaret and takes her to the Neverland, where she tells him stories about himself, to which he listens eagerly.
Oh, Diana, I shall never forget that awful moment if I live to be a hundred.
I forget, by-the-bye, whether that Miss Browndock was the same lady that got the ten thousand pounds prize in the lottery, but I think she was; indeed, now I come to think of it, I am sure she was.
Sunken eyes and hollow cheeks--wet, cold, and famine--and horrors before them all, that were even worse--we must forget such things if we would be tranquil here.
We passed the Cedars this morning, just exactly as Mary Davenant was standing at the gate, wishing good-bye to Mister I forget his name.
I forget whether you like babies; if you do, you may have the pleasure of seeing mine--the most charming child in the world, no doubt; and all the more so, that I am not troubled with nursing it--I was determined I wouldn't be bothered with that.
And naturally,' said Mr Blandois, replacing the watch and stepping backward to his former chair, 'you do not forget.
In the stress of privation and the need of effort I might sometimes forget the somber secret ever baffling the conjecture that it compels.