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Hot Forging Press Technical Data and Manufacturing Plants Analysis
The company's on site facilities include, 16 hot forging cells, 16 CNC machining, tool making, Die sinking and Tensile/destructive testing.
But given inflation and other economic issues at stake, cost is a major driver of decision-making during device development, and forging can save money--something every OEM wants to hear.
Greater production capacity is needed to meet this growing demand in the North American market, and so the decision has been made to install the third forging press line.
Sentiments in Metal Stampings, Forgings & Castings Market
Presently, North American forgers use approximately 75 screw presses, dedicated principally to forging brass products and jet-engine parts.
The forging plant, which will house a 6,500-ton forging press, will be located adjacent to the current engine machining plant and connected via a corridor.
Company Selling Forgings to Major OEMs and Industries in Brazil
It is believed that forgings aren't repaired before shipping, that they don't have internal defects, that they are stronger than castings and they are more efficiently produced," Blair said.
Nasdaq:MEDT), an engineering and manufacturing services provider to the medical device industry, today announced the ground breaking for a new, 30,000-square-foot metal forging facility.
About Forging Forging is a process in which metals are shaped into desired designs by applying compressive forces.
This is the headline from a recent newsletter published and distributed by the Forging Industry Assn.