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It leaves in the forgiver a continued yearning, a void that only repentance can fill.
In Worthington's model, the forgiver (R) recalls the offense in a supportive environment, builds (E) empathy for the offender through various exercises, gives an (A) altruistic gift of forgiveness to the offender, recognizing that, in the past, one has hurt others, (C) commits publicly to the forgiveness one has already experienced, and (H) holds on to (or maintains) the forgiveness that one has achieved (Wade 6c Worthington, 2005).
In addition, according to the literature, forgiveness promotes a sense of well-being and peace on the part of the forgiver.
Recent research demonstrates that forgiveness is physically and psychologically beneficial for both forgiver and offender (e.
Forgiving uplifts the forgiver," said Hoth, further adding, "Yes, many people died innocently [as a result of the fighting] and people are bitter about these deaths".
Forgiveness is more than how the forgiver feels about the offender (affect) but also how he or she thinks (cognition) and acts (behavior) toward the offender (Enright & Fitzgibbons, 2000; Enright, Gassin, & Wu, 1992; Enright & the Human Development Study Group, 1991).
When he gave us his Father's only prayer in the Our Father, he also said that we should forgive our debts as we forgiver our debtors.
If they refrain, then God is Forgiver, Most Merciful.
If a forgiver believes that the offender did not do anything wrong, forgiveness is not necessary.
Results from such research have tended to confirm a positive emotional experience for the forgiver, and correlations with other generally positive psychological constructs, including empathy and commitment (Worthington Jr 1998), trust and compassion (McCullough et al.
as asked for forgiver his actions, saying have been times his l conduct has fallen the standards ed of me as a priest, shop and cardinal".
Conversely, parents can teach through their own actions the concept of Christ as a loving healer, a forgiver, one who leads people to act with justice.