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It is in politics that forgiving is needed, relevant to the major hostilities and hurts which the world suffers.
Or, the Muslim woman, a Bosnian war victim (Volf is Croatian-American)--who gives voice to her violated, shattered self on the impossibility of forgiving her enemies.
There is no limit to our forgiving others because there is no limit to God's forgiveness.
Each situation has the possibility of the same five responses, which were "I definitely could not forgive this situation" (scored 1); "I would have a very hard time forgiving this situation and probably would not do it" (scored 2); "I don't know if I could forgive this situation or not" (scored 3); "It would be difficult, but I would probably forgive this situation" (scored 4); and "I could easily forgive this situation" (scored 5).
If I'm a forgiving person, you're going to keep [acting aggressively] for four years," said McNulty.
Others spoke, forgiving those who had hurt their families grievously, of simply said they had come to learn about forgiveness as they too wanted to play their part.
The study of 1,600 people revealed that teenagers are less likely to forgive than adults and women are less forgiving than men.
MOST people, when it comes to forgiving, do not truly forgive.
I said, "As far as I am concerned I am forgiving you from the bottom of my heart.
Forgiving is a wonderful way not only of healing a rift with another person, but of letting go of one's own anger at another person.