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If you want to witness happiness, there is no purer expression of it than "Master Pasta" savoring a forkful of his favorite hearty Italian dish with a glass of A x Acacia Pinot Noir.
30pm) MAKE sure you have your tea early, because you don't want to be half way through shovelling a forkful of egg and chips into your gullet watching Cotswolds pest controllers up to their elbows in an infestation of flies and rats.
Of course, if Gregg starts feeling the pinch, he could always try finishing off the three-course meals the amateur chefs have cooked for him, instead of just sampling one forkful - but what about the average consumer?
As I hefted a forkful, I caught a flash of movement.
The staff were polite and very efficient without hovering over waiting for you to finish the last forkful.
75), I am sure the other would soon have been stealing a forkful due to the delicious smell emanating from the plates.
Each forkful of mild, soft flesh results in memorable moments of palate pleasure.
She took half a forkful here and there, and that was it.
And I, tasting a forkful, can only conclude that her mum's rendition must be very good indeed.
You're lifting a luscious forkful to your lips or popping in a ju-jube and up pops a do-gooder to describe what it will do to your gut.
And I loathe it even more when the rest of your table tuts disapprovingly if you leave a forkful for fear your stomach might explode and cover everyone in what you've just spent an hour shovelling in.