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Suddenly the other half had started giving me derisory looks in between forkfuls of freshly nuked frozen lasagne, while muttering criticisms like, "God, you've got such an unrefined palate haven't you", and, "There is a difference between cooking something and just, you know, warming it up".
Though Gordon Brown did remind me of Max the parrot who refused to eat forkfuls of his eccentric owner Irene's mashed potato for the delectation of the public.
However, after a few forkfuls I was covered in a light perspiration.
A doctor tells us over forkfuls of sockeye salmon that on Anglesey, holiday change-over day is the worst.
The large piece of cod was well cooked and flaked into a large forkfuls of white fish.
Name: Bay Laurel Occupation: Occasional surprise component in forkfuls of home-cooked bolognese sauces.
Ernie had four forkfuls of cake and it left a blue ridge of foam around his mouth.
TRADITIONAL: Twins Maya and Erin Young from Dingle sample some tasty forkfuls of scouse