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The sharp ears were not pricked so sharply as he had seen them on other wolves; the eyes were bleared and bloodshot, the head seemed to droop limply and forlornly.
Matthew asked forlornly, feeling secretly thankful that Marilla and not he had to deal with the situation.
Notwithstanding that its walls were blotched, as if missionary maps were bursting out of them to impart geographical knowledge; notwithstanding that its weird furniture was forlornly faded and musty, and that the prevailing Venetian odour of bilge water and an ebb tide on a weedy shore was very strong; the place was better within, than it promised.
BEREAVEMENT is difficult throughout the year, but particularly so at Christmas, when absences around the dinner table are felt and unopened presents sit forlornly under the tree.
A cherub peers forlornly down on the two figures underneath and I imagine I'm there 2,000 years ago then it is time for me to walk away glancing back at this gem near Kingsway.
While she stares forlornly at baby scan pictures alone, he plans a party to block out the pain.
That's something they were unable to do this term, and then spent much of the remaining months forlornly attempting to make up the lost ground.
Dick Whittington's portrayal by Little Ed (Miliband) forlornly despondent by the roadside had even a posse of cynical, hard-bitten critics in tears.
For real, I saw ancient black oaks go forlornly sudden, that angle.
His body was secretly buried, leaving his wife and and unborn child searching forlornly for answers.
QUITE rightly, but rather forlornly, Aberdeen's finance convenerWillie Young has been complaining that Aberdeen doesn't get its fair share of public sector jobs - i.
The former pool at Tynemouth sits forlornly at one end of Longsands, its glory days seemingly a long way in the past.