form of government

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Aquino presented the proposal for parliamentary form of government.
The question we should ask is: Given that we will have a Con-ass-initiated constitution that will be prepared by members of political dynasties, can whatever form of government we adopt that is dominated by dynasties be run efficiently?
In 2012, I favoured the presidential form of government [while speaking to] Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif.
While voters approved changes to the city's charter in the mid-1980s that brought about the direct election of the mayor and district representation on the City Council, City Hall continues to function under the council-manager form of government.
International law expert and caretaker minister, Soofi said that while constitutionally there has been a parliamentary form of government in the country, politically the presidential system was in practice.
With the adoption of the new executive form of government, reforms took place that reduced the number of county commissioners and placed the responsibility for day-to-day essential services in the office on the county executive.
According to the newspaper report, Councilor Taylor wants to explore a strong mayor or strong council form of government, in which elected officials have authority over city employees.
Yoder suggests that the "paradigmatic ethical agent" capable of asking the question of what is the best form of government is "assumed to be free, adult, healthy, male (as even our generic pronouns testify), and owner of property, and able to earn.
Constitution guarantees "to every State in this Union a republican form of government.
Everything in our form of government is based on that.
It is Ascher's contention that the revolution, thoug a failure in most respects, in fact altered the political system by establishin the foundations of a parliamentary form of government.
A recent change to a city manager form of government has allowed for the streamlining of operations and greater cost controls, enabling the first balanced budget in a decade.