formal charge

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I don't understand how his name was made public before a formal charge or even an investigation had taken place.
Shahnaz Riaz took formal charge of her former post after being reinstated by Islamabad High Court (IHC), today Tuesday.
The committee will have five to nine members, and a formal charge for the committee will be established at the July 15 meeting.
In its formal charge of election interference with the National Mediation Board, the IAM alleges that Delta manipulated the outcome of the election by isolating and coercing pre-merger Delta employees to vote from Delta-controlled computers while electronically blocking pre-merger Northwest employees (existing members of IAM) from voting on Delta computers.
By indicating that the formal charge will be replaced by an information, the two parties appear to be indicating that a deal has been struck.
Mutu is hoping to escape major punishment by attending rehabilitation sessions but will be interviewed by the FA in the next few days and could then face a formal charge and disciplinary hearing.
Bishop Buckle's lawyer, Stanley Martin, said that no formal charge has been filed against his client.
Tolbert continued: "Large, local atomic charges, such as in molecules with formal charge, can dominate electrostatic similarity.
The woman wants the case dropped, but a formal charge could still be filed.
Judge Esmond Faulks told them: "I hope the formal charge or charges will be put to you later this month.
A grand jury will consider a formal charge against him later this week.
However, once adversarial judicial proceedings have begun, "whether by way of formal charge, preliminary hearing, indictment, information or arraignment," [5] the accused has the right to the assistance of counsel at all critical stages of the prosecution.

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