formal complaint

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RFU chief executive Francis Baron stated before the squad left New Zealand that they would be pressing the Auckland police to close the case if no formal complaint was made because it was the only way for the players to clear their names.
The office has received 1,582 formal complaints so far this year, he said; 610 in Ankara and 150 in ystanbul.
NO RESPONSE: Lawyer Elkan Abrahamson, inset, is making a formal complaint of police surveillance after the Hillsborough disaster
Consequently, Bank al-Falah lodged a formal complaint in NAB (KP).
ON YOUR BIKE: Andrew Mitchell who has lodged a formal complaint against Scotland Yard over the apparent leaking of its report into the 'Plebgate' affair.
LOYALISTS held flag protests in Belfast last night as the DUP pledged to make a formal complaint to the Equality Commission.
A formal complaint was brought against Bassem Youssef for 'undermining the standing' of Morsi in his television show.
St James's Palace says it is still considering whether to make a formal complaint about The Sun's publication of nude photos of Prince Harry.
Summary: German Formula One driver Adrian Sutil was subject to a formal complaint by Lotus Renault shareholder Eric Lux Tuesday for "assault" following an incident at a nightclub after the Chinese Grand Prix April 17.
We will be following that up with a formal complaint.
POLICE are no longer investigating an alleged sexual assault after no formal complaint was received.
uk A PALS officer can make contact with an NHS organisation on their behalf to try to quickly resolve an issue or if it is felt that a formal complaint should be made, can advise on how this can be done.

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