formal consent

See: permission
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This formal consent together with its associated licences enables PD Ports to proceed with the construction of the new 260 metre long berth, which will accommodate the world's largest modern woodchip carrier vessels and providing MGT Power with considerable freight flexibility.
However, there was no record that Debra Assenza signed a formal consent for this catheterization.
With the formal consent of the Mayor of Nicosia, Eleni Mavrou, the next stop was the centre of Nicosia, where a special display stand was set up in the square leading to the main shopping area of Ledra Street in partnership with the Bible Society.
formal consent with written documentation or an acceptable alternative.
However, the fact parents at the 250-pupil school were not asked for formal consent prior to the talk has sparked anger.
Contact your local planning department to establish whether you need formal consent to go ahead.
org will serve as a record of formal consent for anyone who spends the two minutes it takes to fill out the registration information online or by calling toll-free to (800) 452-1369.
We would always do this in consultation with local planners, even if we did not have the formal consent, but we would welcome any changes to the planning system that could speed things up.
It said councils should be allowed to raise business rates by up to 10p without gaining the formal consent of industry.
The project will now be referred to the Government Office for the West Midlands and, if formal consent is given in the coming weeks, building work will begin.
After that, it became necessary to record our dire prognoses in the record, and patients' relatives had to give formal consent.
To them, phlebotomy, performed without a formal consent procedure, is so much a part of everyday practice that making an exception for HIV is jarring.

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