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The county did not make a formal contract offer to him
Japan's biggest oil distributor and China's state-run oil company want to launch negotiations in earnest in the near future so as to sign a formal contract within this year, they said.
The school was repainted in 1996 when Nike Construction in Sylmar submitted the low bid of $64,500 and was awarded a formal contract.
A previously announced Letter of Intent (LOI), with a national quick service restaurant chain (QSR), has moved to the final stages of formal contract preparation and is expected to be signed shortly.
Supporters of Zacarias clapped and cheered, yelling ``Viva Ruben'' as he signed the formal contract at a meeting in district headquarters Monday.
OTCBB: USXP), today announced the signing of a formal contract to purchase the assets of a New Jersey-based gasoline and oil operator.
Delaware State Housing Authority (DSHA) is seeking proposals for servicing of mortgage loans issued under its Home Ownership Loan Program for a period of three (3) years, beginning with the execution of a formal contract.
It is understood that while Buchler helped Harris field questions at a packed Premier League press conference on Tuesday, there is no formal contract between the Football League and Buchler.
With the supervisors' vote Tuesday, PSSA officials can begin collecting the first installment as soon as they submit a formal contract to HUD officials.
A formal contract is expected to be signed by the end of September 2006 and closing is expected in October of 2006.
Bukwang Pharmaceutical said, : "We will finish the detailed discussion by the end of October and sign a formal contract for the M&A.
part of its Global Engineering and Construction Group, received AB Mazeikiu Nafta's Letter of Award and Notice to Proceed on March 3, 2006, and subsequently signed the formal contract on May 8, 2006, for the revamp of the Mazeikiai refinery in the Republic of Lithuania, the only refinery in the Baltic states.

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