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Even the architecture of the Tara Logic ritual bathroom captures the formal expression of the fittings, with vertical panels as room-dividing elements.
India' attachment to multilateralism will be coloured by the shape of institutions that give multilateralism formal expression," Mr.
A spokesman for the DCMS said yesterday: "No formal expression of interest in purchasing the painting has been received.
Though the roof's gradient is conventional, its formal expression is far from ordinary, sparking off a sculptural architecture based on principles of positive-negative.
He said: 'Preparation for the formal expression of such prayers includes the making good of any hurts, the restoration of relationships and serious attention being paid to the relationships fractured or damaged by misconduct.
On the one hand, then, Gehry buildings have remained modern ducks inasmuch as they stress formal expression above all; on the other hand, they have also remained decorated sheds inasmuch as they often break down into fronts and backs, with interiors disconnected from exteriors in a way that sometimes results in dead spaces and culs-de-sac in between (this is especially true of the Walt Disney Concert Hall [1987-2003] in LA).
Interested parties must submit a formal expression of interest by 23 January 2001.
Our support for the United Nations Global Compact is a formal expression of The Coca-Cola Company's commitment to conduct our business with the utmost respect for universal principles around human rights, workplace standards, responsible environmental practices, and anti-corruption," said Mr.
Forty of the 48 councillors present at yesterday's extraordinary meeting voted in favour of Bridgend and the Vale councils submitting a formal expression of interest in merging to the Welsh Government.
The cabinet members met yesterday to approve a formal expression of interest to Government education bosses for the academy.
The examples seen here have made the most of such opportunities, eking out precious space and using each site's eccentricities to help derive new modes of formal expression.
The council cabinet has agreed to proceed with the project and a formal expression of interest is to be made to the Department of Culture Media and Sport.

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