formal presentation

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Though Bartolomeo had been notified by his wife of the formal presentation Ginevra was to make of her lover, he would not advance to meet him, but remained seated in his usual arm-chair, and the sternness of his brow was awful.
We are excited to have the MIT and Harvard students make their formal presentation to the council and to the region as it will form the foundation of our ongoing efforts to develop and strengthen the work force development strategy of the region," said Nancy Jackson, vice president of development for the North Central Massachusetts Development Corporation, which also staffs the council.
The formal presentation of the diversity czar will be made at the ad hoc committee's next regular meeting, Sunday.
The Company's formal presentation is scheduled to begin at 8:30 am ET.
Yarrow was invited to return for a more formal presentation to the board.
Highlights of the program, which was accompanied onstage by fumes Richman's excellent Concert Royal ensemble, were the opening "Dances of the Court," which showed popular dance forms of the period (minuet passepied, rigaudon, allemande), and the subsequent "Danses Nobles," a more formal presentation of dances created for theatrical performances.
will host an institutional investor event on Monday evening, November 15 at its Enterprise Executive Briefing Center in Richardson, Texas followed by a formal presentation from 8:00 a.
Formal presentation of the national blue ribbon award will be made this fall during a Rose Garden ceremony at the White House.
The Company's management conducted a formal presentation discussing its current business activities.
On Tuesday, November 14th Frank ten Brink, Chief Financial Officer, will make a formal presentation on the Company at 8:00 AM Eastern time.
Lombardo, is scheduled to make a formal presentation at the UBS 2006 Global Life Sciences Conference on Wednesday, September 27, 2006, at 2:00 PM Eastern Time.
Lombardo, is scheduled to make a formal presentation at the ThinkEquity G4 Annual Growth Conference.