formal statement

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She had known that this was coming, but, none the less, felt a little shock, half of pleasure, half of reluctance, when she heard the formal statement.
The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi directed last Sunday through a formal statement issued by his office, to reduce the ministries and cancel the positions of vice-President of the Republic and the Council of Ministers and reduce the number of protections teams for all state officials, among them the three presidencies.
Russia said that it would respond once the formal statement is made.
Without a formal Statement of Objections to motivate Google, the company simply engages in lengthy settlement talks and continues its abusive anticompetitive behavior.
Those who have not completed their studies must provide a formal statement saying that they did not obtain their diploma as their studies were interrupted.
Officers are now making arrangements with the gentleman, who lives locally to see him next week to take a formal statement.
New Zealand MP and exbroadcaster Maggie Barry said last week he had groped her in a studio but she would not make a formal statement.
They said that they would issue a formal statement through the police following the sentence on Friday.
Scotland Yard said it had concluded its latest investigation but would make no formal statement before today.
But the upshot, after BIHL's formal statement, is no imminent alteration to the status quo - - and Blues will continue to limp along as they have been for several months now.
A formal statement by Premiership Rugby yesterday read: "The competition will be based on the principles of qualification on merit, equality between the leagues, higher commercial values for the teams and expansion into new European markets.
As of Thursday morning, the Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman had not issued a formal statement regarding these reports.

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