formally accuse

See: arraign
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Ryanair Holdings PLC said yesterday it plans to formally accuse Irish rival Aer Lingus Group PLC of market manipulation over what it says was misleading guidance in Aer Lingus[sup.
But it could be months before police learn whether they should rearrest the 29-year-old, from Maghull, and formally accuse him of any offences.
The commission voted by 6 to 5 to formally accuse Diez Canseco and 6 to 1, with 5 abstentions, to accuse Silva Ruete.
Summary: Prosecutors at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon will decide this year whether they have enough evidence to formally accuse suspects in connection with the attempted assassinations of MP Marwan Hamade and former Defense Minister Elias Murr and the killing of former Communist Party leader George Hawi.
The court, which was packed with reporters and colleagues of married father of one, Mr Swindells, heard the clerk formally accuse Butler of murdering the officer 'contrary to common law'.
Under Portuguese law, at that point the evidence-gathering process will end and the prosecutor will either formally accuse one or more of the three - all "arguidos" or official suspects - or shelve the case, he said.
The Haia members were the ones to formally accuse the defendant after the 30-year-old married woman complained that he had blackmailed her through phone calls and text messages.
Under Portuguese law, the evidence-gathering process will then end and the prosecutor will either formally accuse one or more of the three or shelve the case.
Silva's defence team claims he did not kidnap his daughter and are set to appeal the decision to formally accuse him of the crime.
After reviewing additional evidence, prosecutors decided this week to file the manslaughter charge, which formally accuses Brockamp of being responsible for Kelly's death.