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The legal framework will need to be revamped through the World Intellectual Property Organization, so that any library may convert material from one format to another to make it accessible for persons with disabilities (ARL, 2005).
How do I create a formula that automatically formats a worksheet with alternating rows of shading so it resembles a columnar pad?
The physical characteristics of the Blu-ray format are different from current DVD, but its backers tout its storage capacity, greater than that of HD DVD.
With the DVD+R9 format, discs can be recorded in either CLV format for sequential video access or CAV format for random access.
The SEC has also expressed the opinion that companies should pay attention to the formats they use to make information available on their Web sites -- that the formats companies use "should not be so burdensome that the intended recipients cannot effectively access the information provided.
To be universally usable, a document format must be readable without regard to the specific software available on individuals' desktops.
Of the nine label formats, FSIS proposes to establish either the "Control with Dietary Guidance" or the "Control with Recommended Daily Intake Range" as the standard label format.
The OASIS process exemplifies what should be done if true accessibility to both a document format and the tools to manipulate it are to be achieved.
It is our observation at MIT that in some cases the institution can suggest what file formats are desirable for archiving purposes (for example, use PDF rather than Microsoft Word), and in some cases the archive could convert the file on ingest from a less to a more desirable format (for example, from Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF into PDF/A, the archival profile of the PDF standard).
Let's say you have a word (or a sentence or paragraph or spreadsheet cell) whose format you'd like to replicate in another part of your document or worksheet.
While the time-to-restore penalty imposed by tape-based backup and other linear secondary storage systems is well known, the full file format functionality is an even more important differentiator in establishing the ability of a backup system to enable users to quickly and easily reacquire data instead of the protracted downtime imposed by traditional data restoration processes.