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La prochaine annee connaitra, a-t-elle encore dit, la creation dans le cadre de la cooperation tuniso-francaise d'un centre de formation professionnelle en industries alimentaires au gouvernorat de Bizerte et la restructuration de 16 centres de formation professionnelle a travers les regions.
Daniel Slevin (junior, green belt) bronze in Formation, gold in Free-fighting.
Only about 1 percent of the calcium carbonate that's dissolved in the water flowing down a stalactite remains on that formation, Goldstein and his colleagues estimate.
It belongs to the Church--in her responsibility to define the necessary requirements for receiving the sacraments instituted by Christ--to discern the suitability of him who desires to enter the seminary, (12) to accompany him during his years of formation, and to call him to Holy Orders if he is judged to possess the necessary qualities.
The case assuming dihydrate formation shows no reduction in the amount of precipitation until a pH of 2.
Such a site is well-guarded by natural or artificial formations like mountains or nearby homes.
Fourth, conversely, potentially voluntaristic celebration of Black agency must be corrected with scrupulous investigation of the pervasive processes of racial subordination; a reconciliation between structure and agency most originally and eloquently formulated by analysts of class formation.
While migrating birds of the same species fly in formation, the pairing of large and small jets does not have a counterpart in nature.
All culture tubes were maintained at 37[degrees] C for 6 days to promote biofilm formation.
Since the fullback remains in the backfield in our Gun formation, he can be used as our blocking back, just as in our I formation.