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The authors took samples across two most striking formational boundaries (Upper Leintwardine/Lower Whitcliffe fms and Upper Whitcliffe/Downton Castle Sandstone fms) and subsequently analysed them for carbon isotopes.
Formational theory maintains the typical denouements engendering the CCCI represent psychopathology/abnormality (Azibo, Johnson, & Robinson, 2007; Azibo & Robinson, 2004; Azibo, Robinson, & Scott-Jones 2011).
Patrick Keating, executive vice president, observes that "Stokes Hall provides the ideal facility to enhance the educational and formational experiences of our students in a way that honors our institutional commitment to the liberal arts and to student formation.
A school leader's life story includes educational experiences, marital relationships, parenting experiences, level of religiosity, family devotional traditions, career sequence, friendships, mentors, and other formational influences that create a unique worldview.
Becoming a Catholic deacon is a four- to seven-year educational and formational process that includes psychological testing, a Masters in Theology (or an equivalently rigorous course of study), spiritual formation, and pastoral internships.
Antonin and Murat, and his formational experiences in Rome and New York City, Weis demonstrates the significant effects of each on his understanding of landscape during the period of his novitiate at the Abbey of Gethsemani in 1941.
indigenous icons are intrinsically and fundamentally connected to the formational period of the 1920s, with profound ramifications in local, national.
Religious agencies associated with those communities often adhere to those traditional values and desire to guard children from what they view as the negative formational influence of households composed of same-sex couples or unmarried co-habitants and will not place foster children in such households.
I hope the film will show some of the joys, soul-searching, laughter, spirituality, prayer, fellowship, community, variety of traditions, study, sermons, frustrations that are experienced by all in what is just the first step of the formational journey in training to be a priest.
I was too young to sprout sideburns, wear plaid polyester pants, or spend time at the disco, but many other cultural events were formational.
Having physically exited their formational community, the emigrant cannot easily substitute it with a foreign 'imagined community'.