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If there are no strong formatives, the stress is placed on the first vowel in the word.
Before proceeding to the analysis of formatives I would like to make a terminological remark: when a morpheme consists of one formative I will use the simplified wording "morpheme X is strong/weak" instead of the more precise "the formative corresponding to the morpheme X is strong/weak".
Only the formatives that contain vowels will be discussed below.
Formatives are divided into two groups: stem formatives (that form roots and derivational suffixes) and inflectional formatives.
For the stem formatives the following rule is applicable: if there is at least one vowel, which is not ?
Thus, the words serge 'expensive:NOM' and serge 'comb:NOM', which were discussed above, have different morphophonological representations: the first consists of two formatives (serg+e), while the second consists only of one formative (serge).
In order to predict the position of stress in a word one has to correctly identify the formatives as weak or strong.
The formatives en and en can possibly be identified with the markers of the past 2 tense.
As mentioned above, I distinguish inflectional formatives in the nominative singular form of some words.
All case markers except for the dative, lative and comitative cases consist of weak formatives.