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Only the formatives that contain vowels will be discussed below.
Formatives are divided into two groups: stem formatives (that form roots and derivational suffixes) and inflectional formatives.
For the stem formatives the following rule is applicable: if there is at least one vowel, which is not ?
Inflectional formatives can be either weak or strong.
Thus, the words serge 'expensive:NOM' and serge 'comb:NOM', which were discussed above, have different morphophonological representations: the first consists of two formatives (serg+e), while the second consists only of one formative (serge).
In order to predict the position of stress in a word one has to correctly identify the formatives as weak or strong.
The formatives en and en can possibly be identified with the markers of the past 2 tense.
As mentioned above, I distinguish inflectional formatives in the nominative singular form of some words.
All case markers except for the dative, lative and comitative cases consist of weak formatives.
Each marker consists of one, two or three formatives (strong formatives are marked in bold italics).