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The same thing that attracts the most frequent moviegoers with a regular film can carry over to the large format films.
This will enable them to reduce the engineering effort they expend on integrating different solutions together or on maintaining several different architectures for the various document formats.
In addition, Sony bundles NovaStor migration tape copy software with each AIT tape drive or library, making it easy to copy critical or frequently-used tapes from other formats onto AIT.
You'll find those functions in the Customize menu under the Format category.
The electronic format offers many advantages to both users and publishers which paper publication cannot match:
MMC formats had an appalling year in the cellphone industry in 2006 and have lost support from nearly all handset vendors," adds Stephen Entwistle, VP Strategic Technologies.
Nearly all accounting software vendors provide options to export accounting data to other programs in spreadsheet, text, database or other formats.
Warner Home Video (WHV), distributor of the largest film library of any studio, today unveiled its groundbreaking "Total Hi Def" disc, which plays the HD DVD format on one side and the Blu-ray Disc format on the other, at a presentation hosted by Warner Bros.
The DVD-RW (referred to as 'RW') format was introduced last year featuring the ability to read and write rewritable RW media as well as popular DVD-R discs.
The LTO Ultrium format generation 4 doubles storage capacity over generation 3, increasing up to 1.
Another key feature of linear tape technology is the boost that certain formats have received from Overland's patented Variable Rate Randomizer (VR2) technology.
Report now includes PowerPoint along with its extensive list of supported brochure-quality formats.