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Importantly, a voter's responsibility attribution does not occur in a vacuum; this article argues that the decision of whether to hold a current officeholder responsible will depend on voters' perceptions of the issue, their partisan attachments, and the responsibility they assign to the former officeholder.
Following the Republican primary election in January, which had a very small turnout, Joe Kenney, former officeholder and candidate for governor, emerged as the nominee, beating more moderate candidates Mark Aldrich of Lebanon and Christopher Boothby of Meredith.
Given the choice, 53 percent of the insiders said the replacement ought to have the combined talents of a highly respected academic and a former officeholder with fundraising skills.
Prohibiting a former officeholder from lobbying right after leaving office won't make it any less dishonest; all that does is put off the inevitable for a specific period of time.
And with the current mayor, Ivy Taylor, fighting three other former officeholders - former lawmakers Leticia Van de Putte, Mike Villarreal and former County Commissioner Tommy Adkisson - for two spots in a runoff election, the gloves have come off in a rough-and-tumble election.
Immediately after taking its decisions concerning present and former officeholders, the lustration commission sends notifications to the institutions where these persons work so their employment relation with the respective institution would cease.
Ed Rendell--two Republicans and a Democrat --Fix the Debt's steering committee includes such notables as Kent Conrad, Pete Domenci, Sam Nunn, Alice Rivlin and other former officeholders and officials in the federal government.
In July, the Davis campaign rolled out the names of more than 100 prominent Republicans officials and former officeholders who are bucking their party and supporting Davis' candidacy.
Talk to current and former officeholders, too, as well as party officials--particularly women from your own party.
Galperin said he hopes to take advantage of the district's tradition of supporting outsiders over better-known candidates -- much like what happened in the elections of former officeholders Zev Yaroslavsky and Mike Feuer.
New members were sworn in and former officeholders were escorted ceremoniously into a joint session of the House.
Indeed, when Democrats pick party elders for service on commissions, they turn to corporate lobbyists like Lloyd Cutler and Robert Strauss, not former officeholders or policy leaders.

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