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Established in 1980, CCF is authorized to formulate statements and positions on capital markets and the capital structure and financial resources of corporations, including policies, practices, rules, regulations, principles and standards.
In our attempt to formulate a comprehensive relationship between Islam and science, it is necessary to examine the structures of both of them and then to relate the basic elements in the two structures to each other.
In the digital library environment, it is important for students to actively seek to formulate a focused perspective that will guide their choices of what is pertinent and useful to them from the vast resources that may be generally relevant to the overall problem.
It needs a new structure to formulate a bottoms-up economic game plan and to find some institution to play quarterback--the role played by MITI in Japan and by the universal banks in Germany.
In addition, they will no longer need to perform any dosage calculation, since Bigmar will formulate these drugs in varying but frequently prescribed dosages.
Ciba can then help customers formulate a color with the aid of its proprietary Colibri QuickMatch Pro software, which is available to other users.
A fully staffed laboratory and direct sales engineers are available to formulate unique products.
A company official cautions against universal solutions and says BASF prefers to formulate for each specific application.
Excel4apps, a provider of best-in-class Excel-based inquiry and reporting software, has announced its partnership with Formulate Consulting, a UK-based consultancy in SAP Finance solutions.
It can also formulate materials that combine thermal and electrical conductivity.
These techniques are used to manufacture and formulate supplemental and medicinal products.
This development of chain extenders is said to increase the abilities of urethane compounders to formulate a tougher TDI elastomer that will provide higher performance at lower hardness.