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3 Chinese Formulated Pesticide Imports by Type & Source,
In addition, Inspire has an exclusive option to negotiate a license agreement with InSite Vision for AzaSite Plus, a combination antibiotic/corticosteroid product formulated with DuraSite([R])technology.
It would not be possible to achieve an actual Islamization of the sciences until we have addressed the issue of the foundational premises and we have put in place, in each discipline, premises that are explicitly formulated and stated in the light of Islamic teachings.
The company has been producing colorants for the wood mulch industry for a number of years, but according to McGinn, this product is newly formulated specifically to work with mulch made from shredded tires.
In 1986, over 4,000 owners and managers attended the second White House Conference on Small Business and formulated another 60 recommendations for action by Congress and the administration.
The Vaxfectin(R)-formulated cancer peptide also resulted in 7- to 14-fold higher responses than obtained with TRP-2 formulated with Freund's adjuvant.
Evaluations of an experimental, formulated crayfish bait for use in cold water and as part of a residual bait strategy.
The objective function is formulated to describe in a realistic manner the total cost throughout the time horizon, including the production costs, inventory costs, shutdown costs, and shortage losses.
This product, formulated by Physician's Choice of Arizona, Inc.
1) The system features high speed bristle motion coupled with specially formulated Crest liquid toothpaste that creates a fluid cleaning action that drives the cleaning ingredient interproximally and into the sulcus.
Peroxydone polymer complexes can be easily formulated into teeth whitening gels, liquids, tablets, strips and films to provide the consumers' with the whiter and brighter teeth they desire.
The under-layer consists of specially formulated nano-particles in a resin matrix that bonds to the fibers and the plastic matrix and also brings lubricity and high wear resistance.