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Of course Tarzan could scarcely formulate the thought in precisely this way--he only knew that he craved something which was denied him; something which seemed to be represented by those relations which existed between Teeka and her balu, and so he envied Teeka and longed for a balu of his own.
The forces of the unseen, of the spirit, may well be too subtle, too sublimated, for science to lay hold of, and recognize, and formulate.
But the metaphors of the veils and the flowers, and the rules of giving to abandonment with always more to abandon, she grasped thoroughly, and she was enabled to formulate a bigger and stronger love-philosophy.
PARIS splits the time horizon into several periods and formulates an MILP (mixed integer linear programming) problem.
The company custom formulates hundreds of process specific release agents for many difficult to release elastomers.
Custom formulates a variety of epoxy hardeners for specific applications.
The Company develops, formulates and private-labels, proprietary, leading edge over-the-counter topical creams, skin care products and nutritional supplements to be marketed globally through multiple channels of distribution.