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In the WCEPR formulation, PBD produced slightly lower Eb and higher moduli values than those of the other coagent modified formulations.
The results of these studies offer strong evidence that our topical methotrexate formulation can be delivered into a diseased area of the skin and retained locally without significant amounts entering the blood stream, avoiding potential toxicity associated with the oral use of the drug," commented Richard J.
Use of this formulation provides non-halogenated flame retardance at lower additive loadings.
While we believe that patients would accept twice-a-day dosing for the treatment of GERD, the new once-a-day formulation might further enhance the therapeutic utility of, and commercial opportunities for, XP19986.
Remember the hazards of peroxide formulations vary widely.
Formulations, Herald Pharmacal has increased its support staff, established a nationwide sales force, upgraded its computer and phone systems and plans to triple its facility size.
Presenting a solid grounding in the fundamental principles of lipid absorption in the intestines and vascular body systems, the text gives readers in-depth insight into the formulation issues, such as dissolution testing and stability testing, and physiological and biopharmaceutical issues, including the role of specific enzymes, the evaluation of transport systems in the body, and the mechanisms governing the transport of water-insoluble drugs.
The trials also demonstrate that efficacy and safety of the new formulation of Dyazide are equivalent to the old formulation while administering 25 percent less triamterene.
In addition, the formulation database within the program also manages rubber mixing instructions and enables users to do conversions of unit measurements from lbs.
SinuNase, as a unique formulation of the approved intravenous generic antifungal, amphotericin B, is a good example of this strategy.
Mathematical models were developed and are used to predict formulations for maximizing the compound strength at a number of hardness levels.
Decapeptyl([R]) is a formulation for injection of a peptide analogue of GnRH (triptorelin) that was initially developed and continues to be used mainly in the treatment of advanced metastatic prostate cancer.