formulation of laws

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Taking advantage of those opportunities, however, is linked to the formulation of laws that protect the investor and do not expose him to lawsuit disputes as what had happened in recent times.
The speakers who attended the ceremony on 'Religious Minority and Human Rights: Democratic Process and New Opportunities', underlined the need for formulation of laws to end discrimination against oppressed sections including non-Muslims in the Pakistani society, reports the Daily Times.
Other recommendations included revision and formulation of laws to ensure the rights of the elderly, media plan, workshops for professionals in the field, awareness campaigns for elderly care, inclusion of the subject in the curriculum and mobilisation of young people in schools and universities for volunteering participation in programmes catering to the needs of the elderly.
The committee is also studying the projects to help the Majlis in the formulation of laws, Al Muqbali added.
He termed rising sectarian violence as a severe blow to the very foundation of country and urged for formulation of laws to check the menace.
sector, including costs, prices and the formulation of laws of
He also apprised him that in line with the government policy, efforts are being made to expedite the formulation of laws that would benefit the people at large.
228 million for formulation of laws and regulations regarding exploration, distribution and management of energy and mineral resources, Rs 1.
Yemeni Parliament and IREX organization reviewed here on Wednesday issues related to cooperation aspects between them in the field of providing experience during the formulation of laws drafts and their amendments.
Engage transgender people in the formulation of laws and policies and in the planning, implementation and evaluation of programmes that impact them.
The norms and jurisprudence of the inter-American system have played an essential role in the formulation of laws and public policies and are frequently cited by the national courts as a source of international obligation.
Ao For his part, Human Rights activist, Samih Sunnuqrut, said, AoThe main problem with the government is its formulation of laws without going back to relevant institutions; any law should be drawn through dialogue and consultations with the concerned parties; although the new political development minister is a previous party member, we do not pin great hope on this fact as the two previous ministers were also a civic society activist and a party member, and both did not perform any better.