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We formulize the notion of structure-connected clusters and describe the SSMCALOHDMST algorithm in section 3.
Fly fishers who catch flats fish consistently formulize their game plan and prepare their gear the night before, or days before, a fishing trip.
In the 1920s his cynicism prevailed, but, indeed, in the 1930s he began to formulize this "philosophy of life.
to formulize the counseling and hope that you're going to
We also formulize the content and path of knowledge for quality analysis and diagnosis, and connote the diagnosi s knowledge using the method combining rules and frames, and illustrate the indeterminacy and weight fuzzy relation of error sources with error cause trees.
The session as 'Charter of Economy;, he said, has a critical importance keeping in view the challenges related to public sector debts, enhancing tax net and responding challenges like privatization and growing trade deficits and hence to formulize a national strategy to respond these issues.
The RPMs in VANETs formulize the propagation of radio signals to accurately predict behavior of radio waves [7].
Muneer told them that a joint committee of TDAP and FPCCI will be formed to formulize future strategies for GSP+ and TDAP would assist FPCCI in exploring new markets and trade delegation will be sent to Poland and France.
JUI (F) would discuss the party policy and formulize it once again in its General Councils' meeting scheduled to start on 13th December.