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So are resentment and forgiveness, the forswearing of resentment, up to us?
And he says it is possible to do all that by forswearing the foreign aid that holds Haiti hostage.
Third, we have recently concluded an agreement with the most significant timber operators to allow environmental laws to be reintroduced after the logging is completed, forswearing entry by those companies into old-growth areas.
Forswearing almost everything but food, clothing, and shelter, these devout women brought to their classrooms a unique dedication to teaching - capable of overcoming whatever shortcomings of "higher education" they sometimes had.
This forswearing of other possibilities will surely raise the hackles of many reviewers, especially historians of the Civil War.
Sally Potter's Orlando has gone another way, forswearing even scratching the beyond.
The same principle of sticking to policy and forswearing amateur psychology should apply to every so-called women's issue.
Bush has been playing a dangerous game, forswearing torture while making the argument that suspected terrorists must be made to give up their secrets at any cost.
With Tuesday night's 100 guests making donations of $10,000 or $25,000, the dinner raised some of the same kind of unregulated ``soft money'' contributions that Clinton has asked Republicans to join with him in forswearing.
Last week, that troubling ''but'' was translated into an executive order that, while forswearing torture, allows the intelligence agency to use ''enhanced'' interrogation methods off-limits to the U.
Such a decision would immediately be likened to the red-baiting tactics of the McCarthy era, when university professors throughout the United States were required to sign loyalty oaths forswearing communism.