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Bradley said: "I told Kevin to give Mr Forthright plenty of time to find his stride as he'd hated the undulations at Chepstow.
In selecting Forthright following a rigorous technical review process, the Evaluation Committee from the State of New Jersey concluded:
Cloone Rocket, the 3-1 favourite, began to lose contention and dropped back through the field as at the last Forthright and Bonne Noel's had little to separate them.
Alan Scot Willis presents an honest, balanced, and forthright account of how the Southern Baptist hierarchy tried to persuade their congregations and pastors of the rightness and biblical correctness of an integrated society.
The Bolshoi's Svetlana Lunkina--another Russian joy--was bereft of her partner, an indisposed Dmitri Gudanov, but her charming, delicately phrased Sylph in Boumonville's second-act duet from La Sylphide was, at short notice, well matched by a stalwart and forthright Guillaume Cote from the National Ballet of Canada.
With this forthright statement of judicial restraint, McIntyre upheld the proper role of the judiciary in a parliamentary democracy.
The author writes in a conversational style, much like that of a consultant, and is thoughtful and forthright in his appraisals of security measures and evaluations of risks and fears.
While these sculptures appear to be completely forthright and just the form that you see, there is actually a tiny concealed space built into the sculpture, adjacent to the wall, where a hanging bar resides.
As I watched and photographed, it became clear that this school in a country town was doing what it was asked to do, taking care of its business in a steady, forthright way.
The opening movement was lively, forthright and surged forward throughout.
Apart from being a great talent, Melissa Etheridge seems an intelligent and forthright person.
Ask Lisa Corbiere-Addison her recipe for success and the answer is simple and forthright.