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Fat replacers, non-cariogenic sugar replacers, fortifiers, PUFAs, minerals, vitamins and so forth ad nauseam.
Juice drinks contain between 10% and 99% juice and added sweeteners, flavours and sometimes fortifiers, such as vitamin C or calcium.
The safety of multi-component fortifiers has been questioned as some studies have reported an increased risk of mortality and necrotising enterocolitis associated with its use.
Molecular fortifiers are a class of compounds that have been shown to increase the modulus and yield stress of a variety of polymers by filling free volume and through specific physical interactions [1-13].
Powdered breast milk fortifiers are not introduced until premature infants tolerate full-volume feeds, which may not occur for days or weeks after birth.
and what are proovings of his heart but fortifiers or alterers of his nature?
95, available from Boots) is like a clear varnish, except unlike a varnish which can dry and damage the nail beneath, Develop 10 contains protein fortifiers, calcium and conditioners to shield and seal the nail.
Pills lay everywhere - ginseng sexual fortifiers, heartburn tablets, Prozac.
He also kept an HIV testing kit, sex fortifiers and Prozac.
For infants who have trouble gaining weight, a pediatrician or pediatric dietitian might recommend using fortifiers that can be added to the breast milk to ensure adequate weight gain.
Previous studies have shown that the biochemistry of mother's milk fortifiers influence growth positively.