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Fortify I integrated corpectomy spacers (Fortify I and Fortify I-R) are vertebral body replacement devices indicated by the U.
Also, the acquisition of Fortify enhances HPa[euro](tm)s application life cycle strategy and enriches the HP Secure Advantage portfolio by adding a complete application security offering.
Upon close, HP will run Fortify initially as a standalone entity to ensure continuity while targeting the security market.
Our inclusion as a finalist for this award recognizes Fortify Defender as an industry leading product that is revolutionizing the software development and security fields.
Fortify Software products protect companies from the threats posed by security flaws in business-critical software applications.
Fortify Software, a supplier of Software Security Assurance (SSA) solutions, announced on Monday (6 April) the latest release of its software security suite, Fortify 360, as well as its first hosted software security solution, Fortify Vendor Security Management.
Wipro Technologies, an IT services business or Wipro Limited (NYSE: WIT), and Fortify Software Inc, a supplier of enterprise application security solutions for Business Software Assurance, have announced the launch of the industry's first joint centre to assess and assure the security of client applications.
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