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9bn in Fortis common shares and cash at closing and Fortis will assume approximately USD 4.
The model however has remained confined to the two countries and in-spite of exploration and backing has found limited acceptance in other Fortis geographies, as originally envisaged.
The opening of the Dubai office will also coincide with the celebration of the 40th year of Fortis' presence in the UAE on December 2," Fortis Middle East brand manager Mahesh Shahani said.
The deal was struck between Oasis, which has a 170-bed hospital, and Fortis subsidiary, Fortis Malar Hospitals of Chennai, which gets about 10-12 patients a month from Sri Lanka.
RHC Healthcare, a company jointly owned by RHC Holding Private Ltd, the holding company of Malvinder Mohan Singh and Shivender Mohan Singh, and Fortis Healthcare have announced a voluntary general offer for Parkway Holdings at an offer price of S$ 3.
The whole insurance division of Fortis booked a profit of EUR 228 million over the period.
The Fortis group was broken up along national lines last October - a victim of the global financial crisis - after a partial nationalisation by the governments of Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.
The company has reported that Fortis has cited depressed financial markets, uncertainty in the overall economic environment and strategic changes within Fortis as reasons for its disinclination to finance the Lamaque underground gold mine expansion project.
Fortis purchased ABN last year in a joint venture with Britain's second biggest bank, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and Spain's Banco Santander.
18% stake in the Dutch-Belgian financial services group Fortis.
Dutch-Belgian financial group Fortis said yesterday that its profit halved in the fourth quarter after a 1.