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The NEA can also now receive donations, in form of funds, materials, or equipment, which are intended to restore ECs infrastructure damage by fortuitous event or force majure.
That following a fortuitous Jai Reason goal that halved the deficit, his wickedly deflected effort giving Freddy Hall no chance.
Voting is seen as conferring power to a coercive government: this explains why Brennan is devoted to diminishing the value of votes in comparison to other activities, like running a private business, as well as to the prevention of bad and even fortuitous voting.
As a result, the fortuitous loss of the asset before delivery released the seller from obligation, but not the purchaser who still had to pay the price, meaning to bear the contractual risk, so res perit emptori, expressing the application of the maxim res perit creditori to the sale-purchase process.
De Bromhead admitted "no-one wants to win a race like that and it was very fortuitous obviously.
A fortuitous collaboration between faculty members in the School of Education and the academic library led to the development of strategies for teaching graduate students how to conduct quality research.
Distinguishing fortuitous and deliberate partial matches
A fortuitous ant-fern association in the Amazon lowlands of Peru
BLUE SQUARE PREMIER Wrexham 0 Stevenage 1 MARK ROBERTS' fortuitous 45th-minute strike inflicted a fifth home defeat of the season on Wrexham last night.
AaThe residents of the area stretching from the south west of the Bekaa to the southern city of Sidon rushed on Monday to the beaches of Sidon to gather up this fortuitous flotsam.
lt;p>"The timing of the Windows 7 launch is fortuitous, coming at what looks to be the tail end of the recession and after the first recorded uptick in planned corporate PC purchases in 18 months," said Golub and Carton.
With 10 minutes to go a long throw from Mike Thompson found Gale, who scored a fortuitous second off his back.