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To show you how fortuitous was development in those days let me state that had it not been for the gluttony of Lop-Ear I might have brought about the domestication of the dog.
merely Nature's fortuitous manifestation of her purposeless
the trial-at-law from the low estate of a fortuitous ordeal to the
The bold attempt had miscarried by a fortuitous circumstance; and unless by some exceptional event, they could now never reach the moon's disc.
Through a fortuitous concourse of accidents, the matronly Tisher heaves in sight, says, in rustling through the room like the legendary ghost of a dowager in silken skirts: 'I hope I see Mr.
If he followed it by mere fortuitous coincidence, it was done by an evil chance.
Mark Lunt's fortuitous cross shot restored the Guils' lead soon after the break, but Kristian Evans' angled strike and a 25-yarder from Wes Brereton appeared to swing the game Mold's way.
Reanalysis, he says, shows tat the inconsistencies had to do mostly with fortuitous coincidences between different substances in the number of neutrons and protons present in an atom or molecule.
Listeria's predilection for such exotic digs appears to be a result of fortuitous genetics; the bacteria express at least one gene that enables them to break down salt in the bile and possibly make the surroundings more hospitable.
UCLA struggled in its last two games against ranked teams, so Gomez's return is fortuitous.
Since managing perishable products is one of the most important issues facing grocery retailers today, it was fortuitous that an article in Supermarket News was released during the conference.
This is a truly fortuitous combination of resources -- a win-win for both entities that is going to open up new opportunities for everyone involved.