fortuitous event

See: accident, quirk
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On the other hand, if the insured's neighbor, out of spite, burns down the same house, there is coverage because, as to the insured, it is a fortuitous event.
Though the term beshert can refer to any fortuitous event ("I missed the bus, but it must have been beshert, because I heard it broke down"), it's most often used to mean a soulmate: the one person whom an individual is divinely destined to marry.
Remember, Ireland had already beaten Georgia in an away game - that it was played in Germany and not the Georgian capital certainly looks a fortuitous event given that Cyprus also drew in Tblisi at the weekend.
This fortuitous event provides us with a priceless record of the appearance of prominent men at the height of the fashion of pony beads and quillwork.
The doctrine appears to have landed most firmly in the Restatement (Second) of Contracts, [section] 348 (3) (1981), which states, "If a breach is of a promise conditioned on a fortuitous event and it is uncertain whether the event would have occurred had there been no breach, the injured party may recover damages based on the value of the conditional right at the time of the breach.
When insureds challenged this principle, the courts recognized that failure of the insured's work did not constitute an "occurrence" and/or "property damage," the underlying claim did not allege a fortuitous event and the "your work" exclusion expressly provided that this form of damage is not covered.
35) So, in saying that fortuitousness makes the battle's outcome indeterminate, I do not mean that any particular fortuitous event is inexplicable.
Charlie and Alice Mason of Silfield Bloodstock are vendors well used to good results at this event and the purchase of Dance To The Top from Cheveley Park Stud for 38,000gns at Tattersalls last July proved a highly fortuitous event.
It met in joint session with the American Machine Tool Distributors Association--a fortuitous event if only on the theory that misery loves company.
The selection of a pope by the Council of Constance in 1418 was yet another fortuitous event, a radical breach with tradition with profound consequences for Italian and European history.
He regarded these photos as an extraordinary souvenir of a remarkable and fortuitous event.