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I do not intend to control what happens on the tables; there is an element of fortuitousness that is essential," Joglar explains.
In translations, it is sometimes referred to as luck, coincidence, fortuitousness, or fortuity.
The key to the form of Don Juan, then, is the episodic method, where fortuitousness, not probability, is sought, and where plans and designs operate only in restricted ways.
The aim of his emphasis on observed phenomenal order is to draw the attention of both the discursive reason and the intuitive intellect to the impossibility of blind chance, futile fortuitousness and care-less causality having any share in this "purposeful arrangement" (27) and regularity, and thereby to the recognition, acknowledgement and adoration of the only direct, immediate and effective Cause, namely, the Most Wise Creator Who "is present with all things and does all things in all things.
Locke's thoughts on l anguage, and the simile in particular, offer Arnold the rudiments of such an efficacy, but to really appreciate the force and the fortuitousness of the Conduct's precepts for Arnold, it is necessary to recount, briefly, Arnold's struggle with this issue (the efficacy of words) and the role played by his earlier exposure to Locke.
The befalling or occurrence of anything without preordination; chance, fortuitousness.
When we think about something being brought into the world that reverberates into the future, taking forms we could not have forseen, we begin to understand both the gravity and the fortuitousness of what it means to compose a poem.