fortunate condition

See: prosperity
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The first, most rudimentary, is basic, obvious thanksgiving for the grace of gifts and mercies experienced; the second, more problematic, is the kind of thanks which compares our fortunate condition to the less fortunate condition of others and the last, most mature thanks, is thanksgiving in the face of the world's or one's personal agonies and suffering.
This is a fortunate condition that amateurs sometimes enjoy when observing at Fremont Peak Park in California.
Aster aspires to be responsible members of the international community to think about others, and to do what we can to alleviate the suffering of those in less fortunate conditions than we are.
Aganga says, governments was meant to offer the enabling environment in terms of polices, regulation, the facilitation of competitive and investment-friendly business climate, making fortunate conditions for growth and enterprise assuring macroeconomic and financial stability required by companies to invest and plan for the future.
Thankfully [the] Lebanese love having pictures taken of them as they are very dedicated to showing the beauty of their country to the world, as well as its less fortunate conditions," said Arias.