forward moving

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Avoiding them will help keep your company virus free and forward moving.
NovaTrack(R)3030 is also available as an Engineering Station, a stand-alone metrology tool that facilitates the evaluation and implementation of the Integrated Process Control technologies and Advanced Process Control of photolithography, the fastest forward moving technology in the fab.
The spacious, yet forward moving, interpretation of Elgar's highly developed writing painted a stately, jewelled picture in which the glittering talents of these very fine players were collectively moulded to give the listener a totally vibrant experience of English symphonic music at its very best.
From first to last, and not merely in the epilogue" says Moltmann, "Christianity is eschatology, is hope, forward looking and forward moving, and therefore also revolutionizing and transforming the present.
Menos El Oso is the sum of its parts, uniting five very talented players and strong personalities into one exciting forward moving sound that is wholly unique to the Bear.
Redcar and Cleveland Council is a forward moving authority well-prepared to achieve "good" in its CPA refresh in November 2004 and aims to be excellent by 2007.
Mayor Payne began his day with the same positive, forward moving approach that kept him during a heated election and early months in office.
Lazio knocked down the story and a club spokesman said: "Neither president Sergio Cragnotti nor other managing officials have had any contact with the Catalan club regarding the Brazilian forward moving to Rome.
We're about something very good, very positive, forward moving, to strengthen our lives in a world full of disruptions and chaos and all kinds of things that will steer us away from what would generally be considered 'the good,' '' he said.
President and Founder Sinan Kanatsiz announced today that Spectrum Tan has hired the leading Orange County-based public relations and marketing firm to handle the launch and forward moving growth and development efforts for its exclusive, high-end tanning salons.
It was poetry in motion to see the chap who was driving the dodgem car type of "hopper", pick up steaming loads of Tarmac and deposit it, into the front of a forward moving vehicle, reverse, and pick up another load.
President and Founder Sinan Kanatsiz announced today that Sober X USA has hired the leading Orange County-based firm to handle the launch and forward moving public relations and marketing for their exclusive new product, the Sober X(R) Hangover Free Topical Patch(TM).

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